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Exhaust gas extraction: the best way to expel gases from the workshop

Exhaust gases are among the most dangerous substances for our health; both when emitted by gasoline engines, both when emitted ...

Garage exhaust extraction

Garage exhaust extraction is a process that requires specific technologies to be carried out properly. WORKY produces and installs exhau...

Oil distribution system

The oil distribution systems of the WORKY range are tailored to the operator's needs during the fluid distribution phases, from...

The latest from the blog
How we design vehicle exhaust extraction systems

Workshops all over the world choose WORKY because it is a company that can offer a refined, reliable and certified quality product. How is this achieved? Through meticulous consulting, planning and...

How many workshop extraction system versions are available?

It is essential to install exhaust extraction systems in order to safeguard the air quality in the workshop. WORKY is available to study the most suitable solution for a workshop extraction system.

A look into what's next

We have learned to live socially distanced; we have learned to use all available technology, we have enjoyed empty cities and clear blue skies as we hadn’t seen in years.