Garage exhaust extraction

Garage exhaust extraction is a process that requires specific technologies to be carried out properly. WORKY produces and installs exhaust extraction systems designed to fit the needs and spaces of any garage. Make your workplace healthier, more organised and cleaner with our high quality solutions.


According to the size and layout of your workshop, garage exhaust extraction can be carried out in different ways:

Stand alone systems for exhaust extraction

Stand Alone systems are recommended to small workshops and garages with limited exhaust gas production. A stand alone system can be moved freely to the place where extraction is needed, attached to the exhaust hose system to channel the gas outside the workplace.




Fixed systems for exhaust extraction

Fixed systems are based on a more complex design, but guarantee extreme efficiency in exhaust extraction and higher volumes of extracted gas. In their simplest version, the layout includes a hose system to channel the gas outside the garage and a variable number of hose reels with nozzles to be attached to the vehicles’ exhaust pipes.




WORKY also installs more complex systems to furtherly increase efficiency and reduce space consumption:

  • Sliding exhaust extraction systems
  • Underfloor exhaust extraction systems

Let’s have a look:

Sliding exhaust extraction systems

These garage exhaust extraction systems probably guarantee the most efficient design: hose reels are mounted on hanging rails so they can slide above the workshop, up to the place they are needed. At that point, hose reels can be unrolled to attach the hose to the exhaust pipe of the vehicle. Being entirely suspended, these systems don’t occupy space on the floor of the garage.




Underfloor exhaust extraction systems

Underfloor systems are the best solution for big working environments that, still, don’t need frequent exhaust extraction. In fact, these systems minimise space consumption both on and above the floor of the garage, being available for use when they are needed.




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Design your garage exhaust system with WORKY

WORKY is specialised in the design and installation of complete, turnkey garage exhaust systems for any kind of workshop. This service culminates in the 3D design of working environments for positioning and contextualising the products on offer and make the most of them in terms of efficiency, maintenance, installation expenses.

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