In industrial work environments, welding extraction systems are required to protect the operatives from fine dust which, if inhaled, can cause serious health damage.

Welding benches: uses and benefits

Welding and grinding processes produce fumes and dust which, although invisible, can put the technicians’ health at risk and make the work environment unhealthy.

In many manufacturing companies, these operations are frequent and go on for hours at a time; this significantly increases the risk exposure.

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How to make the work environment safer?

Introducing welding benches with fumes extraction allows these pollutants produced during the various processes to be intercepted and removed

The dust and larger particles, which can be extracted both from the work surface and the side walls of the welding bench, depending on the model, are then conveyed into the dedicated collection tray; the remaining fumes are removed by a dedicated extraction and filtration system.

The welding benches are designed to extract the dust at source, preventing it from being dispersed into the environment and reaching the person carrying out the operations on the work surface of the bench itself.

industrial extraction systems

The extraction occurs from inside the work surface, and the air is filtered through dedicated cartridges located inside the bench

The highly efficient filtration and extraction systems can be be designed in several models.

Welding extraction systems also increase efficiency

As well as creating a healthier workplace, modern welding benches make welding operations more convenient, optimising the available space and time. They can, indeed, be used as normal workbenches, where occasional work is performed using portable tools.

But that’s not all: thanks to the range of available sizes, the benches can be installed to meet requirements. The collection tray can be removed and emptied quickly and easily.

The latest generation of systems assist technicians and operatives in their work, facilitating and speeding up all operations, optimising working times and reducing costs.

Reducing the time required to carry out day-to-day operations means more jobs completed, and therefore higher profits.

To sum up, here are the three main reasons to install modern and innovative welding extraction systems:

  • Extraction is performed at the source of the emissions, without compromising or obstructing the work
  • Operatives are protected from harmful pollutants, which are extracted and filtered before they can disperse in the work environment
  • The structure can be independent with its own filter and extraction fan, or part of a centralised welding fumes extraction system

WORKY's extraction benches

The SAB series welding benches with extraction are designed to capture emissions created during welding performed on the work surface, without the need for active intervention by the operator. They are made from tough sheet metal, with a horizontal extraction surface available in three different lengths; the surface of the extraction bench is made from steel bars, and the fumes produced by the welder are extracted through the space between them.

The components of an extraction bench

WORKY's welding benches with fumes extraction include a metal mesh cartridge to arrest sparks produced by the welding process, preventing them from reaching the filter pack (not included).

A collection box for metal dust and particles too heavy to be extracted is installed on the lower part of the bench. The outlet flange is installed on the sides, like the extraction fan (where equipped).

welding fumes extraction systems

Types of extraction benches

WORKY's range of extraction benches is available in four versions:

  • Basic
  • With coupled fan
  • With vertical walls
  • With walls and fan (fully equipped version)

WORKY is an Italian company which designs plant engineering solutions for the extraction of welding fumes and dust for manufacturing companies and machine shops, which often feature harsh working conditions due to the toxic substances produced during their operations.

We work every day to make company processes more efficient and innovative, as well as offer products and services which meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

One of WORKY's main strengths is its ability to develop custom projects tailor-made to each of their needs and requirements.

If you are looking for a cutting-edge welding extraction system to optimise your company's work and make it as safe as possible, get in touch now: we offer a free consultancy session with one of our experts!


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