Exhaust fume extractor Grolly

WORKY has developed a range of mobile exhaust fume extractor to extract fumes from the work area without having to provide a permanent installation.

Each Grolly model has to be completed with a 10m expulsion hose to be able to operate correctly. As it does not have to be installed, a portable exhaust extractor does not require a declaration of atmospheric emissions and of installation of a roof chimney.


4 models of portable exhaust fume extractors

The range of mobile exhaust fume extractors consists of 4 versions, each of which corresponds to specific extraction features:

  • a version for cars, 
  • vans (V) , 
  • trucks (T),
  • and a version for motorbikes (M).


Exhaust fume extractor without nozzles

The portable exhaust extractor version for motorbikes is also combined in a model without nozzles so as to be able to insert the version that is most suitable for the vehicle from which fumes have to be extracted.


Catalogue exhaust fume extractor grolly


    Mobile fan with 0.5 HP motor for light duty

    See details

    Mobile fan with 1.0 HP motor for large cars and vans

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    Mobile fan with 1.5 HP motor for trucks with nozzle mounted on swivel arm

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    Mobile fan with 0.5 HP motor with double hose and double nozzle

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    Mobile fan with 0.5 HP motor with double hose but without nozzles


    10 mt expulsion hose for GROLLY