Underfloor systems for extracting exhaust fumes

Underfloor extraction systems are the ideal solution for vehicle exhaust extraction in working environments in which they do not often occur.

Nevertheless, the almost invisible system and the low cost make an underfloor extraction system a good alternative to overhead systems. The only thing to take into account is that an underfloor extraction system has to be installed before the floor is put in.

This type of exhaust extraction systems have the same high performance as any other system if they are properly designed and all the conditions for efficient and durable operation are met.

Typically, underfloor system of exhaust fumes extraction have been divided in two typologies:

  • the first is the one with lodged hoses under the floor, which are extracted at the time of aspirating the fumes;
  • the second has hose-holding bends grafted to the floor traps, then a centralized suction expel the exhaust into the atmosphere.

Accessories are available also for underfloor extraction systems: hoses mouthpieces, galvanized pipelines, flexible hoses, alterantives and deviations, shelves and muffs.

To assess which is the best exhaust fumes extraction system for your bodyshop, please contact us.  

Components of the underfloor systems for extracting exhaust fumes

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