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  • The Automotive and Industrial catalog, with the complete, detailed selection of all WORKY’s products;

  • The company profile, to know more about all the advantages of our products and services;

  • The Selected for you catalog, a selection of all our best sellers, divided by functionality and gathered in an easily accessible collection.

All the material available here has been made with the purpose of showing you our products in the easiest, clearest way possible. We like to go straight to the point.
You can look for the best solution for your work area on your own, or you can ask us for advice, going deeper into any detail you might be interested in.

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, going through the material given here, contact us: we are available to manufacture custom layouts and solutions.

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Selected for you is the series of WORKY catalogues that groups out best seller solutions for exhaust extraction, fluid distribution and fume and dust extraction, but also KEEN SPACE line workshop furniture.

Each year we select our best selling and most popular products and present them in an easy to read booklet. The selected products cover all the functions required of a workshop or top of the line body shop: reels, nozzles, extraction hoses, tanks, containers, filters, arms, workbenches and much more. The graphics, as you'll see, is simple and clear; products are divided by function and a description and summary table of its technical specifications are included for each.

If, instead, you prefer a global view of our range, you can browse the integral version of the WORKY catalogue.

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