Stand-alone systems for extracting sanding dust

The mobile units of the WORKY range differ according to application and performance: the DMOB2 product is the most simple portable system but at the same time it is ensures a professional level of use for extracting and filtering the dust caused by sanding bodywork. Its rounded shape and 2 powerful motors make it an easy to handle and high performance product.

On the other hand, if extraction occurs in the ATEX areas or potentially explosive dust has to be extracted, the DMOB1EX solution is the cheapest and simplest solution.

When things get tough, the DT3M comes into its own, a turbine with a filter and automatic cleaning for mobile but heavy-duty applications like industrial vehicles, trains, or buses.

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Catalogue stand-alone systems for extracting sanding dust


Carriage-mounted system for extracting sanding dust of 1 of 2 sanding tools. Equipped with two 10...

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Carriage-mounted system for extracting sanding dust in ATEX environments or for aluminium, carbon...

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Mobile turbine with side channels for extraction and filtering of sanding dust in industrial envi...

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