Flexible hoses

Flexible hoses are what distinguishes a high-quality product from a poor quality product.

At first glance, the products seem to be very similar to one another and the difference in quality is not immediately visible, but in terms of construction, resistance to crushing and high temperatures, the range of WORKY products like GT2 is unmatched.

The best without compromises!

Toughness, flexibility, durability: flexible hoses have to be all these things and WORKY uses the best technology for the best product.

Reinforced rubber construction with crush-proof nylon reinforcement, smooth in the inner part to minimize friction and air turbulence during extraction; withstands maximum temperature of 200°C, which is the the very top of what the market can provide.

The hoses can withstand high temperaturs up to 300, 500, 700 or 1000° C.

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Catalogue flexible hoses

exhaust extraction pipe - GT2

Flexible hose made of crush-proof reinforced rubber withstanding up to 200°C

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Reinforced steel wire hose withstanding maximum temperature of 300°C


Reinforced steel wire hose withstanding maximum temperature of 500°C


Reinforced steel wire hose withstanding maximum temperature of 700°C

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Reinforced steel wire hose withstanding maximum temperature of 1000°C


PVC light flexible hose for expulsions and connections. Withstands up to 110°C


Seamed aluminium stretch flexible hose measuring from 1 to 3 mt. Suitable for connections and wit...

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