Extraction of dust

Extraction of dry sanding dust

The process of dry sanding plaster and primer before painting has become the best method for sanding the panels of the bodywork of vehicles.

This system produces dust that spreads everywhere in the work area if it is not properly extracted.

WORKY has devised a range of products and systems for extracting dust directly from the orbital polisher. Movable extractor fans and centralized systems guarantee this functionality with variables and models that always match your needs.

Dispersed dust is an enemy of productivity and cleanliness. That is why we are committed to guaranteeing you excellent products and solutions in the field of extraction of sanding dust.

The multifunctional centres also ensure the distribution of electric energy and compressed air to the work area to obtain a healthy, productive and efficient environment. Trust WORKY and the range of high performance products at the right price. 

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Systems for Extraction of dust
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