QAM - Advanced Monitoring System

QAM - Advanced Monitoring System is designed for monitoring the dispensing of technical fluids in the workplace.

It uses solenoid valves with digital meters on the oil distribution lines and a computerized system manages the data on each fluid dispensed.

Why use a monitoring system? Because litres of oil bought each year are wasted and impact turnover. It is easy to figure out that such an investment soon pays for itself.

In order to be able to dispense oil (or any of the other fluids mentioned) the operator gains access by means of a PIN, identity badge or by scanning in his or her personal barcode. After authentication, the operator keys in the job order, which can be filled in or be preconfigured by the system. If the order has been filled in, the quantity dispensed is saved to the database but if the order has already been placed the quantity is set in advance and the operator just has to extract the dispensing gun and wait for it to stop automatically.

In the last few years, it has become important for all facilities to be able to track precisely the entire path of the liquids purchased until their sale. Some years ago, this was done only to ensure that the business was run efficiently. Now, environmental protection law requires traceability between the purchased quantities and the sold quantities of any lubricating liquid.

The flexibility and design quality of the QAM system have made it a modern management tool that is essential for reducing pollutant waste, controlling costs and increasing the profitability of workshops.

The QAM can have up to 999 control units that can monitor up to 8 dispensing points each, they can dispense simultaneously from any of the outlets regardless of the product to be monitored. The system is available for antifreeze, windscreen washing fluid, grease, ADblue and brake oil just by adapting the materials used.

All the data on the levels of the containers, dispensing and connection to the job orders are recorded in a database on the relative computer and can be used for precise invoicing (with 0.01% accuracy) corresponding to what has actually been dispensed. A further feature of the Q.A.M. system is the possibility of having direct interfaces with the company management software (DMS) of the workshops so that communication actually becomes TWO-WAY, i.e. each of the two types of software can interact with the data coming from the other type of software.

Ask for more information. Our staff will give you all the information you need to appreciate that QAM is also the ideal system for your business!

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