The range of WORKY filters consists of 2 main categories:pocket filters and cartridge filters.

Pocket filters have been devised to filter welding fumes without major concentrations of dust. Cartridge filters can filter and separate the fumes from the suspended dust caused by particularly intense cutting, polishing, or welding.

Both types of filter can be combined with post-filtering to deodorize the filtered fumes and return them to the working environment. This special feature avoids heatied air being expelled outside the premises, which in cold climates is very expensive.

SPOL cartridge filters have an automatic cleaning system for backwashing compressed air to maintain the efficiency of the filtering cartridges. Trust WORKY to select the most suitable filter for your needs. We shall be happy to help you make the right choice at the right price.

Catalogue filters

  • SFTC

    Filter for welding fumes with 1 metal prefilter, 1 synthetic prefilter, 1 filtering cell, 1 active carbon filter

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  • SFT

    Pocket filters for welding fumes

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  • SFC

    Active-carbon filters

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  • SPOL

    Cartridge filter with self-cleaning compressed-air backwashing filter

  • SPOL-V

    Cartridge filter with self-cleaning compressed-air backwashing system and with built-in fan

  • SPOL-F

    Cartridge filter with self-cleaning compressed-air backwashng system and with fan built into the soundproof box

  • ST

    Inlet and outlet flange for SFT-SFC filters

  • GSME

    Wall bracket for supporting filters