Extraction of welding fumes

Extraction of welding fumes

For companies, the installation of a welding fumes extraction system is advantageous not only in terms of worker health and safety, but also in terms of productivity and profits.

Modern technologies indeed allow optimisation of interaction times with the extraction system, increases to operational capacity and cost reductions, while growing the user’s business.

Why is a welding fumes extraction system essential in companies?

Installing cutting-edge welding fumes extraction systems makes the working environment not only safer and healthier, but also more efficient, with consequent benefits for the entire business.

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Welding fumes: risks for workers

In manufacturing companies, workers – and welders in particular – are exposed to a series of dangers on a daily basis due to inhalation of hazardous substances.

Welding, when carried out frequently and for long periods of time, is particularly hazardous to the health.

All types of welding processes have one thing in common – the production of fumes and fine suspended particles (which can be smaller than one micron in size). Failure to extract these fumes creates an unhealthy and low-productivity environment, as well as one which is ill-suited for technical personnel who must put their own health at risk to carry out their day-to-day duties.

Recently, the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) reclassified the status of welding fumes from Group 2B Carcinogen “(possibly carcinogenic to humans)” (IARC 49, 1990) to Group 1 Carcinogen “(carcinogenic to humans)” (IARC 118, 2018).

Welding fumes are made up of a mixture of different types of metals, whose composition depends on the base metal(s), the filler metal and the welding temperatures, and contain a range of hazardous substances, including:

  • Hexavalent chromium
  • Manganese
  • Nickel
  • Lead
  • Cadmium

The smaller the particles are, the greater the risk of them reaching the lungs. The damage caused by inhaling these substances can be acute (if the exposure is brief) or chronic (if the exposure is long-term).

It is therefore important to introduce technologies and solutions to eliminate these harmful fumes from the work environment before they disperse.

welding fumes extraction systems

Welding fumes extraction systems effectively remove these toxic fumes before they reach the operatives. The extracted air passes through filters to remove the suspended dust and particles, and where permitted by local regulations, can be returned to the atmosphere after deodorisation via an activated carbon filter.

Why a welding fumes extraction system improves efficiency

Improving the efficiency and productivity of company processes is the result of a series of actions undertaken by the management and workers to optimise the workplace, so that technicians and other workers can best perform their tasks.

As well as introducing policies and systems designed to protect employees’ health, it is also important to equip the company with cutting-edge systems which speed up the work, optimising costs and timeframes. These technologies allow work to be carried out more quickly, with better results and at a lower cost, providing a return on the investment.

Not only will the workers feel they are part of a dynamic and modern organisation, but they will be able to work in a precise, fast and safe manner, thanks to practical, functional and intuitive systems. 

In manufacturing companies, welding processes are often continuous, and it is therefore essential for the fumes extraction systems to be:

  • Laid out in a suitable manner so as not to hinder other work
  • Easy and clear to use, with everything within reach
  • Energy efficient so as to provide cost savings

welding extraction systems

Types of extraction systems for welding fumes

The main types of welding fumes extraction and filtration systems are as follows:

The former require fixed installation in order to extract the welding fumes from the work area and expel them in a different location. They may have cartridge or bag filters.

Portable extraction systems, on the other hand, are also known as trolley-mounted filters, and can be easily transported from one point of the work environment to another in order to remove the fumes at their source. These welding fumes extraction systems are equipped with an extraction fan, filters and three-metre-long articulating arms in order to reach the working area.

Automotive/repair shop systems

In auto and body shops and vehicle servicing/repair centres, right through to large component manufacturing facilities, workshop fumes extraction systems are used when working on vehicle body panels and other metal components. The goal is twofold: to eliminate any risk to the health of the mechanics working up-close with welders, and to create a cleaner, tidier and more organised work environment, with benefits for the overall productivity of the premises.

Industrial Systems

In industry (manufacturing, machine shops, specialised workshops, shipyards, assembly lines etc.), where there is a more intense and constant production of fumes, an industrial extraction system for welding fumes is the only device able to prevent the hazardous emissions reaching the operatives’ respiratory systems. The fume extraction systems are thus installed in proximity to the welding or soldering stations, whether these are manual or robotised.

Extraction systems for welding fumes incorporating fume hoods, wall-mounted arms and sliding systems, as well as all our systems operating all over the world, are the best possible catalogue for WORKY’s products, which are installed in huge numbers of companies that have improved the quality of life and the productivity of their workforce.

WORKY's welding fumes extraction systems are perfect for the requirements of different production sectors, in particular automotive aftersales and industry.

WORKY is a 100% Italian manufacturer based in the Emilia region's “Motor Valley”, which has set itself apart from the competition thanks to the very high quality of its product range.

One of WORKY's main strengths is its ability to develop custom projects tailor-made to each customer's individual needs and requirements. Each new project undergoes an in-depth analysis on a case-by-case basis to allow the development of a custom solution to achieve the required results.

If you are looking for a welding fumes extraction system for your company, or wish to find out about the solutions which best suit your needs and requirements, our experts are at your disposal: book a free, personalised consultancy session!

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