Welding fume extractor systems: a system for all welding needs

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principale - Impianti aspirazione fumi di saldatura un sistema per ogni saldatura
Lino Di Betta
Author Lino Di Betta

If you're looking for information on welding fume extractor systems because you're thinking about renovating your workshop, you should know that you should choose a fume extractor system based on the frequency and severity of your welding work.

Here's why we'll explain which models are best for each job, thus extraction systems for:

  • Rare welding and in many stations
  • Frequent welding and in many stations
  • Fixed bench welding
  • Fixed welding in large spaces.


Fume extractor systems for light or rare jobs

If you rarely weld in your workshop for quick jobs only, the best system for you is a mobile unit, meaning a compact and trolley filter system: easy to move from one place to another without occupying too much space when not used.

Take, for example, WORKY SMOBIPLUS, a welding fume extractor and filter trolley unit with:

  • 1.5 HP extractor,
  • 3 metre and 15 cm diameter extractor arm
  • maximum 1500 m3/h capacity
  • pocket and active carbon filters
  • 95% filtering efficiency


Heavy duty jobs in variable stations

If, instead, you weld frequently with a certain intensity and duration but you don't have a fixed workstation, you need a higher capacity fume extractor trolley unit.

The best is SMOBIMAX 1B and 2B, more powerful and with a larger quantity of active carbon in the filters:

  • 2/3 HP extractor,
  • 1 or 2 3-metre and 15 cm diameter extractor arms
  • maximum 2500 m3/h capacity
  • 95% filtering efficiency


Fixed bench welding fume extractor systems

For welding, but also for deburring and grinding on a bench, extractor benches or centralised systems are suitable because they combine extraction and filtering power with the convenience of a specific space.

  • I SAB series extractor benches are made of sheet metal with a horizontal extraction surface (available in 3 different lengths). The surface is made of steel rods: welding fumes are extracted through their gaps. They come with a standard spark shield, a dust collection box for metals t heavy to be extracted and lateral exit fringe.

  • Centralised fume extractor system efficiency is due to their SB, SBA and SBF extractor arms: free-standing arms with150 and 160mm diameter with support shelf. SB and SBA are hinged and equipped with air-lock shutter (SBA with integrated extractor). SBF and SBFA, on the other hand, have internal articulation and an external flexible hose, guaranteeing maximum flexibility: ideal for a body shop.


Fixed welding in large spaces

For fixed welding but in different, numerous stations also far from each other, the best solution consists of a centralised fume extractor system complete with very long extractor arms, or a wall kit.

  • For arms, we recommend our SBB and SBBF (also with extractor version, SBBA and SBBFA): the first rigid with external articulation, the second flexible with internal articulation but both able to swivel extend to reach even the more difficult positions.

  • For the kit, we offer SPARK kits, complete with extractor arm, wall extractor, pocket filter with active carbon and spark-proof filter.


Do you want to learn more about all WORKY welding fume extractor solutions? Visit the specific section or contact us without any obligation!


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