Workshop exhaust fan

Worky's GSA workshop exhaust fan have been specially designed to extract smoke and gases from medium pressure systems with centrifuges and direct coupling of the motor to ensure optimum efficiency (certified to IEC 60034-30-2011) and durability.

All WORKY workshop exhaust fan have an impeller that is statically and dynamically balanced in order to eliminate vibrations and wear. Each fan is powder painted in a steel outer casing. The fixied feet, the double inlet, and outlet flanges make up a product that is finished and ready for installation. Only larger models require wall-mounted brackets.

Every workshop exhaust fan is completed with a series of control panels that enable the product to be switched on and off remotely. The electric motor is a 50Hz 2800 rpm three-phase asynchronous motor that can be connected to a 400V or 230V supply.

The following workshop exhaust fan models are available:

  • GSA0.5 three-phase centrifugal fan, 0.5 HP - 230V/400V - 50Hz
  • GSA1 three-phase centrifugal fan, 1 HP - 230V/400V - 50Hz
  • GSA1.5 three-phase centrifugal fan, 1.5 HP - 230V/400V - 50Hz
  • GSA2 three-phase centrifugal fan, 2 HP - 230V/400V - 50Hz
  • GSA3 three-phase centrifugal fan, 3 HP - 230V/400VV - 50Hz
  • GSA4 three-phase centrifugal fan, 4 HP - 230V/400V - 50Hz
  • GSA5.5 three-phase centrifugal fan, 5.5 HP - 230V/400V - 50Hz
  • GSA7.5 three-phase centrifugal fan, 7.5 HP - 400V/690V - 50Hz
  • GSA10 three-phase centrifugal fan, 10 HP - 400V/690V - 50Hz
  • GSA15 three-phase centrifugal fan, 15 HP - 400V/690V - 50Hz
  • GSA20 three-phase centrifugal fan, 20 HP - 400V/690V - 50Hz
  • GSA25 three-phase centrifugal fan, 25 HP - 400V/690V - 50Hz

Catalogue workshop exhaust fan

  • GSA

    Three-phase centrifugal fan

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    Soundproof box for extractors for positioning inside or outside buildings.

  • GSCM

    Motor cover to protect against atmospheric agents in the case of installation outside buildings

  • GSI

    Start/stop switch for fans with dedicated thermal overload protection

  • GSME1

    Wall bracket for fans from 1 to 3 HP

  • GSME2

    Wall bracket for fans from 4 to 5.5 HP

  • GSME3

    Wall bracket for 7.5 HP fans

  • GSPA

    Set of 4 vibration suppressing feet for fitting fans on GSME bracket


    Start/stop control panel of fan with manual or automatic operation with signalling lights and circuit breaker


    2-key radio control for starting and stopping fans remotely.


    Start/stop control panel of fan with reception antenna and 1 remote control included.


    Start/stop control panel of fan with inverter for continuous adjustment of rpm to number of extraction points that are active.

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