Welding fumes: what they contain, why extract them and how

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Lino Di Betta
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Welding is an industrial process for producing or repairing many products, basic in everyday life and which releases a considerable amount of toxic fumes. But what do these fumes contain? And how can the operators’ health be protected? We discussed this with the WORKY team specialised in the design of welding fume extraction systems.


Welding generates polluting emissions that can be inhaled by the operators, seriously endangering their health and safety.

The fume particles are very small, so their ability to penetrate the lungs and bronchi is extraordinarily high.

Almost all countries, therefore, have recognised welding fume exposure to be carcinogenic and have consequently introduced specific regulations to protect workers during welding work.


What regulations say

Since each country has its own legislation in this regard, each company will have to refer to its national legislation and comply with its duties to limit the damage caused by welding fumes.

Contact WORKY to design a system for localized extraction that meets the requirements expressed by the regulations in your Country.


WORKY systems eliminate welding fume exposure and its consequences

Only systems for localised extraction are able to capture the welding fumes at the source, convey them and expel them outside the workplace.

Based on the type of environment (large metal-work, mechanical workshop, laboratory, shipyard, technical institute, etc.) and the intensity with which metal welding is performed, WORKY designs and manufactures systems with different configurations, always highly functional, safe and meeting regulations.

WORKY welding fume extraction solutions can be:

  • fixed, with a permanent installation: arms are fixed to the wall or to the ceiling, then connected to the fan and filter by means of the connection and ejection pipe.



  • mobile, with extraction and filtering units that can be placed in different working bays.




To find out which configuration is best suited to your work environment, contact our sales department: together we will find the most efficient solution to ensure the safety of your operators.


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