Best welding fume extractor: the complete guide

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If you are looking for a welding fume extractor for industry, workshops and garages but you don’t know how to choose, read our guide and discover all WORKY products!

Welding fume extractors are indispensable for manufacturing companies and machine shops because they keep the work environment healthy. WORKY has a complete range of solutions tailored to the needs of the customer. 

During welding, fumes are released into the air, a mixture composed of particles, gases and vapors that are harmful to operators and to those in the immediate vicinity. Inhaling these substances can cause serious health problems. 

This is why it is so important to equip your company with suitable and efficient welding fume extractors.

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How to choose a good welding fume extractor

In order to choose the most suitable welding fume extractor, it is necessary to consider some fundamental factors, including the configuration of the working environment in which the system will be installed, the frequency of the work and the number of suction points required.

According to these characteristics, it is possible to opt for a fixed or mobile welding fume extractor. Let's see what the WORKY range has to offer.

Fixed welding fume extractor

Fixed systems for extracting welding fumes include all those systems that require installation. Fixed systems may consist of articulated wall-mounted or sliding arms, hoods and filters, or suction benches. Once sucked in by the system, the fumes must be conveyed to the outside or - if allowed by local regulations - filtered and released back into the environment.

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Movable welding fume extraction systems

Movable welding fume extraction systems are trolley units, such as:

  • SMOBIPLUS - mobile unit for extracting and filtering fumes: a very compact product suitable for suctioning welding fumes in light and infrequent applications, complete with the suction unit, 4 filters, and articulated arm.


  • SMOBIMAX, an aspirator for welding fumes for heavier applications and medium duration, equipped with a powerful motor, articulated arm and battery of 4 filters. 


The WORKY catalogue of mobile and fixed welding fume extractors is completed by accessories to best adapt the solution to your needs.

Why choose a WORKY welding fume extractor?

WORKY is at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable solution for evacuating toxic welding fumes from the work environment.

Our WORKY welding fume extractors are versatile and efficient, and, thanks to the wide range of solutions and customizations, we are able to study and design the configuration that best suits your needs.

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