Welding fume exhaust systems

welding-fume-exhaust-systems-workshopThe welding process that takes place in workshops always produces dangerous fumes and fine suspended dust. Not extracting these fumes creates an unhealthy and unproductive environment that is totally unsuitable for the technicians who have to perform their daily work tasks.

For this reason, it is essential for workshops or body shops to be equipped with welding exhaust systems, instead of simple ventilation systems. In fact, fume exhaust systems are able to capture dangerous emissions before they are inhaled or dispersed in the atmosphere.
WORKY designs and installs fixed and movable systems to extract fumes: you can choose a complete system, a ready-made kit or single parts.

Welding exhaust system: why choose WORKY

WORKY’s products for extracting welding fumes remove the toxic fumes effectively before they reach the operator. In the presence of suspended dust and particulates, the filters of our range clean the extracted air effectively and can also return the air to the environment after deodorization with activated carbon.

WORKY’s welding fume exhaust systems work perfectly with any type of welding, such as submerged arc welding, TIG or MIG welding and so on.

Furthermore, WORKY is an Italian manufacturing company, which stands out for the high quality of its achievements. Italian style and design together with industrial processes are certified by a quality system that is implemented year after year, to ensure our customers a product and a service of the highest standards and performances.

Design your personal welding fume extraction system

WORKY is able to provide tailor-made fume extraction systems, with various types of solutions. The fume extraction system is designed from scratch, based on your needs; the design takes into account the size of the center, its layout, the number of workstations and their layout, the amount of welding work.

Welding fume extraction systems are usually made of various elements:

  • In the work area, extraction benches, fixed arms or sliding on extruded aluminum ducts
  • Filters (pocket or cartridge)
  • Properly dimensioned welding fume extractors
  • Galvanised sheet metal coiled connection and exhaust hoses

Let’s see in detail how WORKY’s systems are made.

WORKY’s welding fume exhaust systems

Trolley-mounted filters, wall-mounted arms, the sliding systems and all the operating systems installed and running in businesses throughout the world are the best possible testimonial for WORKY products because they are actual examples of how we have improved the quality of life and productivity of the employees of these businesses.

Our range of welding fume extraction solutions depend on the kind of work you do for your business:

  • Light or rare jobs
  • Heavy duty jobs in variable stations
  • Fixed welding in large spaces


Fixed welding exhaust systems


These kind of welding fume extraction systems can be installed in different ways: they can be fixed on walls or have sliding arms with hoods and filters or with an extraction bench. For these products a galvanized hose must be positioned to convey the extracted fumes using a fan.

Asking for a complete system is always the best solution, but we can also provide you ready-made kits, such as the filters of the SPARK line.

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Movable welding exhaust systems


WORKY offers two main mobile extraction filter ranges: SMOBI3 and SMOBIMAX.

SMOBI3 range is WORKY’s best seller due to its compact nature the product is suitable for extracting welding fumes in light and infrequent applications.

SMOBIMAX range is perfect for heavier duty applications of a medium duration. It is always equipped with a more powerful motor and articulated arm with a set of high-efficiency filters to stop fumes and fine dust created by the welding process.

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Install your welding exhaust system with WORKY

WORKY is specialised in the design and installation of complete, turnkey welding exhaust systems for any kind of workshop.

Contact us if you are looking for a qualified partner for the design of your garage or workshop.