Workshop dust extractor systems: WORKY'S range

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Lino Di Betta
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The WORKY range of products and systems is designed to extract sanding dust in workshop preparation areas. Moveable solutions and centralised systems guarantee practicality and flexibility in accordance with your carbodyshop's needs.


WORKY dust extraction range best sellers

WORKY has developed practical and highly efficient sanding dust extraction solutions to capture dry sanding dust before it settles on the surfaces to be repainted and is inhaled by the operators.


Fixed systems

Ideal for medium to large-sized carbodyshops, fixed systems require permanent installation; they are custom designed and dimensioned according to the size and layout of your workplace.

The multi-service control units, which can be installed on an arm, wall or ceiling, also guarantee electricity and compressed air distribution.

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workshop dust extractor system - fixed


The innovative DOLMEN multi-service station complete with filter and turbine is the latest addition to WORKY solutions for sanding dust extraction.

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workshop dust extractor system - dolmen


Moveable units

If you only use a sanding dust extraction system occasionally and in areas that are not always close to each other or defined, WORKY offers a stand-alone unit on wheels with both optimal extraction power and practicality.

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workshop dust extractor system - mobile

An example from our catalogue: DMOB2 is the simple yet professional portable workshop sanding dust extraction and filtering system.

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The importance of extraction systems in workshops

The installation of high quality systems is reflected in a better working day, thanks to the elimination of annoying sanding dust that is dispersed in the air. However, their function is not limited to this aspect.

The installation of adequately sized systems is in fact essential for:

  • Protecting and safeguarding workers’ health - sanding dust is, in fact, dust that can be breathed in or swallowed is harmful to health; therefore, it must be extracted at the source.
  • Increase workshop productivity and the quality of the work - Not only can deposited dust damage health, but it negatively affects the productivity and precision of the various activities and the final quality of the paint job.


Why choose WORKY for an extraction system

WORKY is always available to offer you complete advice and systems with high added value

Thanks to extensive experience and the constant pursuit of innovation, WORKY can boast approvals and partnerships with the main vehicle manufacturers, creating systems up to their standards of excellence.


Rely on WORKY for a high-performance product range at the right price.

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