When should you buy a portable fume extractor?

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At WORKY we manufacture a portable fume extractor for any work need in a workshop that does not require continuous extractor or with various workstations that are not simultaneously used for the same jobs.

Which portable fume extractor do you need?


Why do you need a portable fume extractor

How important is workplace safety to you?  There are hazards in body shops and workshops that require special measures to avoid accidents and meet regulations. You must be careful of electric shocks, manual load handling and correctly use tools and equipment.

Out of these problems, fume and exhaust inhalation is insidious and can gradually lead to even serious illnesses. Thus, even workshops and body shops whose activities only occasionally produce these residues require a portable fume extractor to avoid these risks.


A different extractor for each type of emission

There are different types of harmful fumes that can be produced in a workshop and a different portable fume extractor is required for each. What are these emissions?

  • Welding fumes
  • Exhaust

At WORKY we are able to manufacture a different portable fume extractor for both types of emissions, specifically designed for small size workshops that do not require constant extraction.


WORKY portable fume extractor

Due to the extensive experience gained in workshop design and construction of extractor systems, we are able to recommend and supply the best portable fume extractor for your needs.


Grolly portable fume extractor

Grolly is a portable extractor range for exhaust extraction that lets you safely work without installing a permanent extraction station. Each Grolly extractor on wheels provides an extra benefit because it does not require any air emission declaration.

The range is varies and includes specific models for cars, bikes, lorries and vans.


SMOBIPLUS and SMOBIMAX portable fume extractors

For those who need to occasionally extract welding fumes, we manufacturer mobile units complete with extractor, filters and hinged arms. The battery of high efficiency filters is able to neutralise even the finest dust produced during welding. We offer two different solutions, SMOBIPLUS for frequent extract and SMOBIMAX for more heavy-duty and average length applications.


Choose the right portable fume extractor for your workshop

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