Universal Touchless GTL arm lands in United Kingdom

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Lino Di Betta
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This is a very special year for WORKY: our Universal Touchless GTL arm opens new frontiers and lands in the UK.

Porsche Centre Tonbridge was working on a project for a new state-of-the-art workshop. The vision for the new project was to have an advanced centre, different from the existing ones (why invest money if not for something really new and innovative?), where the latest technologies would be the driving force for a better working environment, greater productivity and greater business profitability.

WORKY local partner, Bullworthy, immediately identified the GTL Universal Touchless arm as the perfect solution to achieve this goal. He organized a visit to Automechanika Birmingham where the After Sales Manager of Porsche could see and test our Touchless concept directly.

The GTL Touchless arm series is the most advanced solution for exhaust gas extraction from all types of vehicles, regardless the size and position of the exhaust pipes. The arms can be tailored to serve a specific workstation (stationary version for wall or roof mounting) or to cover multiple workstations (sliding track version).

This solution is universal and eliminates the need for different adapters or special nozzles for different exhaust pipes.

Its extreme versatility, high suction capacity and adaptability make the GTL touchless arm system the universal solution for vehicle exhaust gas extraction.

The decision was made and we installed the WORKY GTL touchless extraction system. A market success that immediately generated new demands. Many service centres which were in green field or in renovation process have asked and obtained to be able to visit the new Porsche centre to see for themselves the product and the functionality, noting the innovation achieved in the extraction of exhaust gases.

Watch the video made by Porsche:


Thanks also to the positive feedback from Porsche Tonbridge, we are proud to say that after a few months many other dealers and workshops in the UK have chosen the WORKY GTL touchless system, including the prestigious PSA centre in the heart of London.

The new Universal Touchless era has begun: stay tuned for all future installations!

Keeping your workshop ahead of new trends and adopting new technologies will put your business in good stead and keep you one step ahead of the competition.






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