Happy Holidays from WORKY!

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principale - Buone Feste da WORKY 2018
Lino Di Betta
Author Lino Di Betta

2018 began at home - a new, large, cosy home - and took us far, towards successes we couldn't have achieved without you. To you, our sincere thanks and wishes for Happy Holidays.

Here we are again: only a few days left until the beginning of the new year. For WORKY, it's time to take stock of the year, and we want to do it by remembering our highlights.

2018 was a meaningful year: we have blazed through many miles for us, our clients, and with you, our employees. From North to South, from East to West. Let's remember together the most significant stops of 2018.


The trip began at Mancasale di Reggio Emilia.

Mancasale was the first exciting stop of 2018. That's where we opened our new RO&CO headquarters: a great complex that is as innovative as it is people-oriented.

At Mancasale we stamped our one-way ticket towards the title of Growth Champion in Italy: thanks to our dynamic business model, we won a place in the ranking of Italy's most innovative and successful companies.

We flew to Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam, to complete a plant at Ducati's new Service Centre. Then to Italy again, to sign a prestigious job with Jaguar Land Rover.


From Shanghai to Birmingham, from Birmingham to Frankfurt

We landed in Shanghai in March for the APIO Bodyshop Conference, one of the most important events in the world when it comes to Jaguar Land Rover. Time flies, and in June we were on the road again, headed to Automechanika Birmingham, where we made new cooperation agreements and introduced to the public WORKY's newly designed products – GTL Universal Touchless, GYNMA, GON-100EG.

September was soon upon us, time for Automechanika Frankfurt: together with thousands of people, we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the event. Success for the event as well as for WORKY, which welcomed visitors and clients from all over the world.

New projects, our frontiers expanded: November brought with it a breath of fresh air with EICMA 2018, the largest international bike and motorbike trade show. This is WORKY: our roots are faithful to our birthplace, but our feet can run fast when it's time to explore new territories.


Our sincerest thanks go to you!

How do we do it? Behind our accomplishments and satisfactions there's always you: You, who every year choose our services and top-range solutions for your workshops and body shops; you, who every year work hard to provide the best services and solutions.

Thank you, then, for this incredible year: thanks to our clients, national and international; thanks to our employees, our partners and our dealers.

To all of you, WORKY wishes once again Happy Holidays and a happy New Year.

Happy Holidays from WORKY!

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