Exhaust extraction for workshops: the benefits of sliding systems

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Lino Di Betta
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Sliding systems for exhaust extraction in workshops are perfect where there are a lot of workstations placed one next to the other, but there's more. Let's take a look at the benefits of a sliding system.

There are many types of exhaust extraction systems for workshops: fixed, sliding, underfloor, portable. Each systems is designed for workshops with certain features, thus:

  • a fixed system for small workshops or with just a few workstations
  • an underfloor systems for workshops with high ceilings or equipped with a bridge crane
  • a stand alone system for workshops that require exhaust extraction only sporadically or of just a small amount.

And sliding systems?


When to choose sliding exhaust extraction systems

Sliding systems are the ideal solution for exhaust extraction for medium sized workshops characterised by a specific layout: numerous workstations place one next to the other. A sliding system is ideal because the trolley can easily move from one station to the next when needed, without having to require an extractor for each work area.

What's more: sliding systems are perfect for workshop areas intended for vehicle inspections. The extractor that slides on a duct always allows the mechanic to move the vehicle with the trolley attached to check efficiency and safety.


Our exhaust extraction systems for workshops

At WORKY we design and install all types of exhaust extraction systems for workshops, including sliding systems. We construct both ducts and various types of sliding elements, all equipped with one-of-a-kind features and accessories.

Sliding systems obviously provide higher flexibility of use, practicality and extremely high-quality standards:

  • The are designed to provide excellent performance, thanks to high quality extraction hoses: these are flexible hoses made of reinforced rubber with crush-proof nylon hose, smooth interior to minimise friction and air turbulence during extraction.
  • They are resistant to higher temperatures: ranging from 200°C to 1000° C according to need.




3 different solutions for exhaust extraction for workshops

Given a previously installed extractor, our sliding systems come in 3 different variants:

  1. GSCH trolleys. Trolleys slide on a duct, equipped with flexible hose with different accessories according to the model (support strap, rocker arm, automatic shutter opening control, etc.)

  1. GSR reels. Reels slide on a duct and house the flexible hose along with the safety hose stop.

  1. GTL touchless arms. Installed on trolleys, the innovative touchless arms are stand-alone and allow vehicle exhaust to be extracted without touching the muffler: we have thus eliminated the problem of adapters for exhaust pipes integrated in vehicle bumpers.




If you want to learn more about our sliding systems for exhaust extraction or want a free estimate, contact us: we'll be happy to help you.


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