WORKY systems for motorcycle workshops

WORKY’s range of products for motorbike workshops includes equipment studied specifically for bikes, condensing highly functional systems into smaller spaces and guaranteeing improved operations.

We share your attention to detail, passion for motorbikes, and the emotion that only vehicles such as these can give. This is why we design and install highly efficient solutions to guarantee safety at all times, without depriving your business of space.


Our product range for Motorbike workshop
Exhaust fume extraction

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Fluid & Energy Distribution

The technical fluids that WORKY's Systems Division deals with are all new and waste lubricant oils, antifreeze, windscreen clea...

WORKY and Ducati

WORKY has created an installation for Ducati at its Service Centre in Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam.

Bikes like these require careful consideration to detail. After collecting the info regarding the customer’s needs, in collaboration with our local partner, our Project Manager came up with a suitable solution to extract exhaust fumes in the least invasive way possible, while fully respecting the vehicle.

Some of the products most appreciated were:

  • A specific air vent, extremely flexible and easy to manage, that can be applied to motorcycles without damaging what are true works of art: the exhaust pipes of these powerful bikes;

Rollers, used to transport exhaust fumes out of the workshop, equipped with technical detail that is crucial for correct execution: a tube designed to resist to up to 500° C, able to face the temperatures released by the bike’s engine.

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WORKY knows how much attention and passion are needed to do a great job on motorcycles. We also know how important it is to be able to count on an installation that keeps the workshop safe, without taking up vital space.

WORKY shares this passion with you: we do more than just manufacturing and installing extraction systems; we follow our customers and offer complete consultancy services, walking side by side from the initial idea to the final result.

Thanks to our experience in the sector and to our innovation-oriented attitude, WORKY can boast homologations and partnerships with the main car manufacturers, creating systems that can stand up to their standards of excellence.

The energy invested in research and development allows us to create systems with high added value, which optimise work flows, help mechanics save time and are visibly more functional.

Entrust your workshop to people who can create a new world around you.

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