Educational & Training Center

Educational: training new technicians in full safety

WORKY supports the improvement of the technician’s skills - today and tomorrow.

We design solutions and systems for schools, professional institutes, and technical centres, installing exhaust fumes extraction systems that ensure student safety.

The courses take place in specialised venues equipped with our systems, where students learn how to use the tools of the trade in absolute safety. The new technicians can use the most modern technologies right from the start, thanks to the innovative tools supplied by WORKY.

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Our product range for Educational and training centres
Exhaust fume extraction

Extracting exhaust fumes of motor vehicles from the work area prevents them being released into the work environment and becomi...

Extraction of dry sanding dust

The process of dry sanding plaster and primer before painting has become the best method for sanding the panels of the bodywork...

Fluid & Energy Distribution

The technical fluids that WORKY's Systems Division deals with are all new and waste lubricant oils, antifreeze, windscreen clea...

Extraction of welding fumes

The welding process, in all its versions, always produces fumes and fine suspended dust.


Training centre: getting to know new techniques in safety and silence

The main car brands worldwide demand only the best to repair their models, especially top-of-the-range vehicles. This is why they invest in continuous training of their human resources through their training centre, where latest generation tools can be used.

WORKY makes specific solutions for training centres throughout the world, where mechanics learn to repair the latest models of the most prestigious car manufacturers and familiarise themselves with the latest safety devices.

While making the operators’ health our main priority, we design and install extraction systems that are quieter and less visible than the classical models found in ordinary workshops and body shops. This makes teaching easier for the team of specialists, who can work undisturbed by excessive noise or exceedingly voluminous tools.

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