Extraction systems: the distinctive features of systems with an exhaust fume extractor and floor traps

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The exhaust fumes generated by vehicles contain high amounts harmful substances (including carbon monoxide). Adequate fume extraction systems are therefore essential for your workshop, in order to protect the health of your workers. This article takes a closer look at the advantages offered by systems with exhaust fume extractors connected to floor traps.

Among the various types of extraction systems available, the WORKY range includes under-floor systems connected to exhaust fume extractors.

These concealed extraction systems have rigid pipes for connection to the exhaust fume extractor, which are partly positioned beneath the flooring, and end with traps, where the flexible hoses and extraction nozzles are housed and removed for use. The traps are also available in a floor base version, to which the curved coupling with relative hose and nozzle is connected.

Since it is an under-floor extraction system, it must be planned beforehand during the workshop design phase, and then installed and implemented before the flooring is laid.




Who can choose to install a system with the exhaust fume extractor connected to floor traps?

In addition to being mandatory, air purification systems are also essential in every workshop. The extraction of vehicle exhaust fumes from the work area prevents them from being dispersed into the environment and posing a risk to the workers and their health.

This specific type of system is particularly suitable for work areas where exhaust fume extraction is needed, but not very often. In fact, extraction systems with exhaust fume extractors connected to floor traps can be installed in new car delivery areas or training centres.

The advantages offered by extraction systems with exhaust fume extractors connected to floor traps

Why choose a system with an exhaust fume extractor connected to floor traps instead of a mobile fume extractor?

Under-floor systems offer various advantages, including:

  • convenience: there’s no equipment suspended or cluttering the work area, thus rendering the work activities quicker and easier;
  • affordability: the intervals between maintenance interventions are very long, and maintenance costs are low;
  • optimal performance: if expertly designed in compliance with all the standards necessary for its proper functionality, an under-floor system can be calibrated to ensure optimal performance based on the work environment in which it is installed. WORKY’s technical and sales department is at your disposal to help you decide on the solution that best meets your needs

All of these features are important for any type of workshop. In particular, WORKY under-floor systems can be an ideal solution for heavy-duty vehicle workshops, which are often equipped with an overhead crane running along the ceiling. A system with floor traps connected to the exhaust fume extractor can be used in place of an aerial system, which might be difficult to install in these cases.

How WORKY under-floor systems connected to exhaust fume extractors are made

Our under-floor exhaust fume extraction systems consist of various elements: the exhaust fume extractor, available in various models, the traps, made from sturdy galvanised steel sheet metal, a series of nozzles and pipes, plus a wide range of additional accessories.

There are extensive possibilities for customisation of the system, thanks to the use of:

  • exhaust fume extractor – various models available based on the power rating required;
  • traps, available in the version with curved coupling on the floor base or else completely concealed;
  • nozzles for connection to the vehicle’s muffler;
  • galvanised pipes for connection from the floor to the exhaust fume extractor;
  • flexible hoses resistant to crushing and high temperatures;
  • Y-fittings and diverters;
  • brackets;
  • sleeves.

The quality of each component is completely guaranteed, starting with the design. We ensure meticulously made and industrialised products with certified quality and reliability are obtained.


Visit the dedicated section to find out more about the features of the exhaust fume extractors and to download our catalogue.

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WORKY fume extraction systems: new developments coming soon

Are you planning to build a new workshop? Don’t miss out on the new developments coming for our customers. In fact, in 2020 WORKY will launch a new trap designed to accommodate our entire range of nozzles, thus making the solutions we can design for your workshop even more flexible, customisable and efficient.


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