The best way to design a car workshop

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Lino Di Betta
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Car workshop design step 1: the meeting

The starting point is the meeting with the customer: needs, expectations, limitations, taste, desires and goals are all the aspects that guide the first meeting between the workshop owner and WORKY design team.

From there, the car workshop is designed considering both functional space and the well-being and safety of the work environments. An inspection is a must to fully understand the context where systems and furnishings will be installed.


Step 2: 3D design and layout

The WORKY approach to car workshop design is based on a now fundamental tool that assists technical consulting: the three-dimensional drawing of the workspaces. Through photo-realistic rendering we place and contextualise the products and systems the customer needs which, even before investing resources in the design, faithfully reproduces the final result of the workshop.

This is not a simple visualisation but more of an analysis of:

  • space
  • daily transit
  • workstations for each task
  • overall and work layout.


Step 3: creation and installation

When the 3D car workshop design step is completed and approved by the customer, we start creating the products that will make up the systems and equipment. Commissioning is followed by turn-key installation: this is when our technicians impart all the know how necessary for system use and routine maintenance to workshop personnel to maximise their productivity.


Each design is custom: technology and customisation go hand-in-hand

When let WORKY design your car workshop? First of all, for the quality of our products: research, renovation, optimisation and perfectionism are thumb rules for us to always offer you solutions on par with our workspace.

Secondly, each design is unique. Customisation is one of the fundamental aspects of our work and adapting our range to our customers' tastes and needs is the fuel that drives our passion.

Thirdly, we help you reach higher levels of productivity and safety: our systems are designed so that each element is complementary to the other to create a perfectly operating whole. The natural result is a team of more productive, more serene and more protected mechanics.


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