How we design vehicle exhaust extraction systems

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Lino Di Betta
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Workshops all over the world choose WORKY because it is a company that can offer a refined, reliable and certified quality product. How is this achieved? Through meticulous consulting, planning and collaboration with the customer.


WORKY offers high added value vehicle exhaust extraction systems for car and truck repair shops and centres. The systems are painstakingly constructed thanks to our qualified in-house production team with direct control over the design and quality of our products.


The production of effective and efficient systems is only part of the work our group of professionals provides to achieve the final result. Learn more about WORKY vehicle exhaust extraction systems.


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Inspecting the workshop space and knowing the type of vehicles repaired, while analysing specific goals with the customer, allows us to design the best solution

The complete analysis of the building, with an inspection carried out directly or through our distributors in Italy and worldwide, allows us to identify any obstacles that may require a tailor-made vehicle exhaust extraction system.


Consulting, our added value

Consulting is the service that sets us apart.

We are available to offer our consulting service, to guide you in choosing the best investment for your business, customising our exhaust extraction system range.

We select the most suitable products from our wide range including:

  • Universal touchless arms - in fixed or sliding version - compatible with any vehicle since they are contactless;
  • nozzles designed for various needs and for various hose diameters;
  • flexible hoses with various diameters and crush-proof and resistant up to 200°C
  • flexible hoses with various diameters and resistant to high temperatures;
  • fans available with various powers, even a high pressure version;
  • mechanical and electric rewinding reels in fixed or sliding version;
  • extruded aluminium tracks with various possible sliding elements;
  • various accessories.


Extraction system 3D design

If necessary, we can provide the 3D design of the vehicle exhaust extraction system that best meets the customer's needs, interfacing with architects and surveyors if necessary, to ensure perfect integration of the exhaust extraction system inside the building that hosts it.


Collaboration in every respect

We can take care of every phase of the implementation of the vehicle exhaust extraction systems, keeping you constantly updated on the progress of the project, to make you 100% involved and feel it entirely yours even before it is completed.

Thanks to all the consulting and planning, we can guarantee a comfortable and safe working environment, free from exhaust fumes that are harmful to health.


Renew your workshop with tailor-made, state-of-the-art vehicle exhaust extraction systems.

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