Extraction arm: touchless solutions for exhaust

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Braccio aspirante soluzioni touchless per gas di scarico (principale)
Lino Di Betta
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In exhaust extraction systems, sliding elements represent a highly efficient way to use plants without taking up space, bringing the utilities to the right distance from the work place. WORKY has improved the efficiency of these elements by adopting a TOUCHLESS technology that guarantees extraordinary benefits. Let's take a look at it.

The star of this article is GTL, an advanced extraction arm that has already taken over the best workshops in the world. The secret to the success of this arm is in its innate TOUCHLESS technology, an ingenious upgrade that raised this category to a higher level.

What is TOUCHLESS technology? Conceptually, the principle is very simple: the GTL arm has a stand-alone structure that allows it to perform its function without coming into contact with the vehicle muffler. Just suspend the extraction arm a short distance from the exhaust pipe to correctly extract exhaust.

Naturally, the concept's simplicity requires significant design and construction know-how to create an efficient product: thus GTL was conceived, one of WORK'S latest innovations. A spring and clutch system lets the product support itself without the need of external supports, while the jointed end part lets you easily adjust the extraction arm mouth direction. GTL accessories end with a flexible hose designed to resist high gas temperatures (up to 200°C).

Extraction arms: GTL advantages

The GTL extraction arm provides workshop technicians with a series of unique advantages:

  • Time savings: since it does not come into contact with the vehicle exhaust pipe, GTL does not require continuous nozzle changes to adapt to the various vehicle model exhaust pipes. The universal arm lets you save precious time in each operation, leading up to several hours on a monthly basis.
  • Economic savings: once the need to change the nozzle is eliminated, even company investments in purchasing adapters become superfluous. These are not negligent amounts, especially when considering that various models are added each year requiring the workshop to keep up to date.
  • Reduced damage risks: the extraction arm with TOUCHLESS technology, not coming into contact with the vehicle exhaust pipe, eliminates any risk of scratches or collisions on the vehicle in the adjustment phase.

Furthermore, since each extraction arm mounts an aerial conduit, GLT lets you:

  • Reach various points, even far from each other: the arm is designed to easy slide on the conduit, reaching various points in the workshop by air. Multiple application needs can be covered with a limited number of arms.
  • Avoid occupying floor space: thanks to the suspended assembly, the extraction arm does not occupy even one centimetre squared floor space. When not in use, in can be folded one a single hand movement, up to 3mt off the ground.

Want to learn more about the GTL touchless extraction arm? Download the WORKY catalogue for free!

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