Portable welding fume extraction systems

The range of WORKY's portable welding fume extraction systems consists of 2 main categories:

  • First is SMOBI3. This is the range's best seller. Due to it's compact nature, this portable fume extractor is suitable for extracting welding fumes in light and infrequent applications. The machine is comprised of a fan, filters, and 3m articulated arm to reach the work area.
  • The second mobile welding fume extraction system is provided by the SMOBIMAX range for heavier duty applications of a medium duration. It is always equipped with a more powerful motor and articulated arm with a set of high-efficiency filters to stop fumes and fine dust created by the welding process.

The WORKY range of portable welding fume extraction systems is complemented by accessories and details for enhancing work quality without great investment and installation work.

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