Manufacturing companies and mechanic workshops deal everyday with the processing of materials, to make products destined to vital sectors of the economy: heavy industry, car manufacturing, rail industry etc. Work conditions in these environments are often very hostile, as high amounts of polluting substances are released and air circulation is often poor. To ensure worker safety and improve work quality, WORKY offers specific solutions of localized extraction and filtration of welding fumes, polishing and grinding dust, and secondary gassy emissions.

Our product range for Industrial
Extraction of dust

The process of dry sanding plaster and primer before painting has become the best method for sanding the panels of the bodywork...

Extraction of welding fumes

For companies, the installation of a welding fume extractor is advantageous not only in terms of worker health and safety, but also in terms of ...


For more specific businesses, such as workshops that work with grinding, welding or tin coating every now and then, or precision or bench work, or simulation labs, WORKY offers its range of tailor-made solutions. The systems extract polluting substances (fumes, powders and dust residues) directly from their source, i.e. before they disperse in the air. The systems then filter and deodorize the air. The work environment always maintains maximum standards of safety and of protection of workers’ health, and productivity itself improves.

Educational & training Center

WORKY supports innovation that coming also, and mainly, from formal training. This is why we design and build tailor-made solutions for school laboratories, professional institutes, and technical centers, where extraction needs are less intense, although always present. Although industrial parts are not directly produced, even the smallest emission of polluting particles must be kept under control, especially in the presence of students. Our systems keep the environment healthy and clean, to make sure all educational activities can be done safely.

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Special Projects

Flexibility and personalization are two strong assets of the WORKY products. Whatever your particular demand, to be fulfilled in any place not mentioned here, we design, manufacture and install your tailor-made system. Once we identify the needs (extraction of fumes or of dust? Or of other pollutants?) and all study all possibilities (fixed or portable system? How many jointed arms? What capacity?), we will be able to provide you with the most spot-on, accurate and, first and foremost, functional solution for your production business.

Maritime Industry

WORKY’s industrial solutions can also successfully solve the needs of the maritime industry, including all shipyards and maritime workshops that deal with mechanics (cutting, bending, polishing etc.) and, in particular, frequent and intensive smoothing on hulls and boats. Our systems purify the air from welding fumes, micro-dust and other hazardous substances released during production and maintenance processes. This leads to a marked increase in the safety and quality of life in shipyards, with positive effects on the quality of the production itself.