The accessories of the extraction systems are necessary for completing the systems or the single products in order to be able to house the tools and the connecting flexible hoses.

Using this equipment makes using the extraction systems comfortable and productive. it also enhances health and safety at work because the supports dedicated to the flexible hoses and the tools ensure that they are positioned correctly at the end of work.

The difference lies in the details and the added value that these minor accessories can create in use of a system, whether great or small … is beyond price!

Catalogue accessories

  • BAP50

    Guillotine valve, diam. 50 mm

  • DIAS3

    Curved adaptor for IAS3 system of flexible hoses for dust extraction

  • DIAS38

    Straight adaptor for IAS3 system of flexible hoses for dust extraction

  • DLEV-6

    Orbital dry sanding tool,10000 rpm,with 6 mm orbit and 150 mm backing pad, outlet diam 29 mm, for extracting dust.

  • DM295EL

    Hose, 5 mt long, diam. 29 mm, for electric dry sanding tools

  • DM295PN

    Hose, 5 mt long, diam. 29 mm, with compressed air hose for pneumatic dry sanding tools

  • DM383CL

    Cleaning kit with 3 mt hose, diam. 38 mm, and set of nozzles and brushes


    Structure for suspension of flexible hoses to be applied to the DMOB2 trolley-mounted unit.

  • DTDC

    Metal guard for positioning recessed panels also on cement walls

  • DTDH

    Wall panel with support for orbital dry sanding tool and hose-holding bracket

  • DTES

    Metal support for supporting hoses and dry sanding tools that is positionable on the DTE satellites

  • DTE-SM

    Wall guard for fixing DTE wall satellites to wall

  • DY2929

    Y piece, diam 50 mm, 2 diam, 29 mm with 1 closing cap