testata aspirazione gas di Scarico

Exhaust extraction pipe

Product code: GT2

The GT2 flexible exhaust extraction hose is ideal for extracting exhaust fumes in garages repairing cars, trucks or motorbikes.

Its design has been developed and improved over 20 years to reach the "state of the art' for extraction hoses.


Exhaust extraction pipe structure

The flexible car exhaust hose is reinforced in vulcanized rubber and can measure 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm in diameter. Inside, there is a nylon reinforcement that makes the hose completely crush-proof but maintains a smooth surface to promote the flow of the gases without excessive friction and turbulence.


Limitless range of applications for the best exhaust extraction hose

The very compact curvature radius and its light weight feature make it suitable for overhead solutions (both fixed and sliding) and for floor solutions. The great resistance to traction and the construction with very closely meshed reinforcements make the GT2 a high-performance product for heavy duty use.


High temperature resistant exhaust hose 

GT2 withstands temperature of up to 200°C, well beyond the average temperature of the exhaust fume emissions reached during normal car repair procedures. See other products in range for applications involving high temperature fumes (exceeding 200°C).