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Lino Di Betta
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Designing a car workshop is a process that customers and designers complete together. Where does this begin? What are the essential steps? What are the benefits of meticulously designing a workshop? Buying WORKY products or carrying out a complete project with WORKY means working constantly with specialists capable of following you through the various stages of the project, preventing any problems and adopting the best solutions available.

Car workshop design step 1: listening

The starting point is listening to the client's needs, aspirations and objectives. These are the aspects that guide the first meeting with the WORKY design team.

This is the starting point for the car workshop design, which is not only a functional space but also an environment in which to work in comfort and safety. In order to fully understand the context in which we will be installing the systems and to assess the work to be planned as carefully as possible, we can jointly evaluate possible inspection of the building.


Step 2: 3D design and layout of the car workshop

The WORKY approach to car workshop design can be supported by a tool that assists the technical consulting: the three-dimensional drawing of the working environments. Through a photo-realistic rendering, we place the installations in their context in the working environment, thus allowing the end user to have an overview of the final result already in the initial, even pre-investment phase.

This is not just a setting, but an analysis of:

  • space and optimisation of working areas
  • workstations for each task
  • overall and work layout.

The type of system chosen for the workshop also has an impact on the design. For example, the underfloor vehicle exhaust extraction solution involves the integration of plant engineering in the construction phase of the building.


Step 3: creation and installation of the systems

A project studied on paper takes shape and becomes real thanks to an INSTALLATION and AFTER-SALES service that WORKY provides at an international level with in-house technicians and specialised teams. This is when our technicians pass on to the garage staff all the know-how necessary for using the systems, their routine maintenance and the maximisation of their productivity.


An example: our design for Volkswagen

car workshop design volkswagen

Among the various installations of WORKY systems in Italy and around the world, we would like to mention the vehicle exhaust extraction equipment at a prestigious Volkswagen Service Centre in northern Italy, which has been a reference point for the famous brand for years. With its advanced solutions, the new system provides a comfortable and safe environment for operators.

After seeing the products on our website, the service managers requested to be contacted.

Together with the local dealer, WORKY took care of this important new development from the design stage by offering and building a tailor-made system for the workshop to perfectly serve the designated work areas while the technicians carry out their daily repairs.

Let's take a closer look


Each design is custom: technology and customisation go hand-in-hand

When let WORKY design your car workshop? First and foremost, because of the quality of our products: research, innovation, refinement and optimisation are what your working environment deserves!

Secondly, each design is unique. Customisation is one of the fundamental aspects of our work and adapting our range to our customers' tastes and needs is the fuel that drives our passion.

Thirdly, we help you achieve new levels of productivity and safety: our installations are designed so that each element integrates perfectly, making work areas more functional and available to a team of mechanics who are more productive, more relaxed, more protected.


Do you want WORKY to design your car workshop? Book an appointment!


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