WORKY mobile extraction units: what they are and why you need them

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Lino Di Betta
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The production of welding fumes and fine dust represents a serious risk factor for the health of operators who work in environments where various welding, grinding and sanding processes are carried out. One of the most flexible and simple solutions is to equip yourself with a mobile extraction unit to protect your staff.


WORKY has always manufactured and offered reliable and quality products that guarantee excellent industrial process fume and harmful particle filtration.

In addition to stationary units, we also design products for separate work areas where mobile fume and dust extraction units can be the most appropriate solution.

The WORKY mobile extraction unit range

WORKY's vast experience in the sector has allowed us to develop mobile units and accessories for welding fume extraction which offer resistance and robustness together with reliability and flexibility. 

Mobile and stationary extraction units

SMOBIPLUS: best-selling mobile extraction unit with compact dimensions, ideal for filtering welding fumes deriving from light and infrequent machine processes.


SMOBIPLUS consists of an articulated arm, a battery of 4 filters (one of which with activated carbon for air deodorizing) and a 1.5 hp fan 

SMOBIMAX: extraction unit to filter welding fumes from more intense and frequent machine processes.

smobimaxsmobimax fume extractor

In addition to 4 filters with a large filtering surface, it is equipped with a 3 hp fan and is available in two configurations: (SMOBIMAX-1B) with one arm or (SMOBIMAX-2B) with two arms.

SMOBIJET: mobile extraction unit with cartridge filters and semi-automatic cleaning system. SMOBIJET is available with d. 150 or d. 200 arm. Suitable for filtering welding fumes and grinding dust. 

Mobile extraction units for sanding dust

WORKY's mobile extraction units for sanding dust are highly professional portable units

DMOB2: compact, agile and high-performance mobile extraction unit.

portable fume extractor

DMOB2 is equipped with two 1000 W motors, power adjustment selector, two electrical sockets, two compressed air quick couplings, filter bag and panel filter.

DT2M: mobile extraction unit with side channel turbine.


This mobile unit, includes a cartridge filter with automatic cleaning system and a dust collection container.

The advantages of the WORKY mobile extraction units

Correct and reliable localised extraction and appropriate filtration in each processing area have significant advantages from every point of view.

The work environment is healthier and more productive thanks to our mobile extraction units.

Our product quality is flanked by an assistance service that focuses on every single customer with on-site consultancy and after-sales assistance.


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