WORKY at Autopromotec 2019 - Video Interview with Lino Di Betta

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Lino Di Betta
Author Lino Di Betta

How do you keep pace with a market that is always growing, always looking for the most efficient innovation? Running with it.


And that's what we do in WORKY, as our CEO and President, Lino Di Betta, underlined in the interview with Italia Economia. DEA and RO&CO, with the brand WORKY, are among the most flourishing Italian companies to hold high the banner of Made In Italy: Research and Development at our headquarters in Reggio Emilia, quality and refinement in the production facility, innovation, visions of the future and strong ideals.


After having explored Europe, Asia and Australia, here are the visions for the future: just like the one, already partially realized, to introduce the value and quality of the brand WORKY even among the workshops and body shops of the United States of America.

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