WORKY and Volkswagen: a new prestigious installation in northern Italy

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Lino Di Betta
Author Lino Di Betta
Another WORKY success story at a prestigious Volkswagen Service Centre in northern Italy; for years, a reference point for the brand. This new exhaust extraction system, thanks also to the innovative solutions proposed, guarantees maximum safety and reliability.

WORKY high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology are appreciated by customers all over the world. These features, which we are particularly proud of, were among the requirements from Volkswagen technicians.

 After viewing the products on our website, the service managers requested to be contacted so that  their demand could be fulfilled: their aim was to have an advanced solution for exhaust fume extraction in their workshop.

WORKY, in synergy with the local dealer, oversaw this important new creation starting from the design. Thanks to the technical skills of our specialists, it was possible to create a tailored system, that perfectly adapts to the space and daily work carried out by the mechanics.

The WORKY systems chosen for Volkswagen service

The ideal solution to meet the customer’s expectations, was selected after an initial site inspection.

A compact and functional product, which guarantees high performance and can be easily used in all workstations.

The service centre was equipped with GSR series sliding reels on a GAT1 series aluminium rail. The rail allows the reels to slide to the desired workstation with extreme ease and speed.



worky-volkswagen-bocchettaThe reels, featuring crush-proof flexible hose and hose-stopper, were completed with WORKY GON-EG oval nozzles for twin exhaust pipes.

This nozzle is equipped with a special internal expansion clamp (positioned on the right or left of the oval) designed to be fixed inside the mufflers, especially when integrated into the bumpers.

This nozzle also includes a probe intake for the opacimeter test and a damper with protection grid.


WORKY full package solutions led to an increased flexibility and potential of the extraction system.


Improving the performance of your service centre with advanced devices is simple if you choose the right partner. Work with us, trust in people able to create a new world around You.

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