Workshop exhaust extraction systems: features and prices

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Workshop exhaust extraction systems
Lino Di Betta
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Several variables come into play to determine the price of an optimal solution when it comes to workshop exhaust extraction systems: the type of service centre, the number of workstations and the characteristics of the building, to name a few. Let's take a closer look at some of the possible solutions for the WORKY workshop exhaust extraction systems.


An exhaust extraction system is the most important investment that can be made to keep the air healthy in the workshop.

In this in-depth article we will talk about:

Let's take a closer look.

Portable workshop exhaust extraction systems: low range price

If you need a portable exhaust extraction solution that can be moved to multiple work areas within the workshop, then a flexible stand alone solution with an excellent quality/price ratio may be right for you. These portable exhaust extraction systems are ideal for smaller workshops and service centres. 
The WORKY range includes 4 types of portable exhaust extraction systems:

  • for cars
  • for vans
  • for motorcycles
  • for lorries.

Wall or ceiling installation is not necessary for this type of exhaust extraction system and, thanks to the GROLLY-GTP12510 or GROLLY-GTP15010 exhaust nozzle - sold as an accessory -, a permanent ejection pipeline is not required to expel the exhaust.

workshop exhaust extraction system - grolly

Here are a few examples from our exhaust extraction system range:

GROLLY and GROLLY V - portable exhaust extraction system for cars and vans

workshop exhaust extraction system GROLLY V

Height adjustable portable exhaust extraction system with 0.5 or 1 HP motor and stop switch. The product comes equipped with a rubber nozzle to near the vehicle muffler to convey exhaust

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GROLLY T - portable exhaust extraction system for lorries

workshop exhaust extraction system GROLLY T

Portable exhaust extractor with 1.5 HP motor, stop switch, and height adjustment for adapting to various silencer positions.

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GROLLY M - exhaust extraction system for motorcycles and cars with dual exhaust

workshop exhaust extraction system GROLLY M

Height adjustable portable exhaust extractor with 0.5 HP motor and stop switch. This product features two extraction hoses and 2 rubber nozzles to avoid scratching the vehicles’ bumpers.

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Workshop exhaust extraction systems: mid-range price

Workshop exhaust extraction systems can be fixed.
A fixed system requires permanent installation, pipes connecting the various extraction and exhaust points and an ejection pipeline.

Here are some examples:

workshop exhaust extraction system fixed

Workshop exhaust extraction systems: high range price

This type of workshop exhaust extraction system is a flexible solution for those work areas where, for example, various workstations can share sliding elements.
A sliding element, in fact, can reach workstations within the range of action of the extruded aluminium track - available in different lengths - without hindering work activities.

workshop exhaust extraction system

Choosing an exhaust extraction system

These are only some of the possible solutions we offer.

Various factors come into play when choosing the best workshop exhaust extraction system for your budget and needs.

Rely on the WORKY Team to help find the solution that best fits your needs.


To learn more about all our workshop exhaust fans, their prices and features, browse the WORKY catalogue!

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