Welding fume extractor: discover WORKY’S versatility!

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Lino Di Betta
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Are you looking for welding fume extractors for the industrial sector and workshops? Let's take a closer look at how versatile a WORKY welding fume extractor is.

Manufacturing companies and mechanical workshops can especially benefit from WORKY welding fume extractors because they help keep the workplace healthy and safe, with completely customised systems.

Welding fume extractor: fixed or moveable?

WORKY is always attentive to the needs of its customers and it is precisely for this reason that it offers various solutions with welding fume extractors that best meet the most diverse market needs. Let's take a look.

Fixed welding fume extractor

Fixed systems are ideal when you have a very precise and designated welding area, where one operator at a time performs only that activity.

Fixed welding fume extractors can be part of two different types of systems:

  • Systems with arms or wall or ceiling hoods: the fumes are captured by articulated arms or suitably sized hoods and are conveyed to the welding fume extractor, to then be expelled outside, possibly passing through a pocket filter and, on request, a activated carbon filter;

fixed system

  • Tracks with sliding elements: when the articulated arm can be shared between two or more stations, one next to the other. In this way, depending on the station in use, the arm is manually slid by the operator along the track.

sliding system

Moveable welding fume extractor

Moveable systems are ideal when there is no work area specifically designated for welding and operators need to move the extractor easily from one area to another.

As for moveable welding fume extractors, WORKY offers various solutions including: 

  1. SMOBIPLUS: it is a high-performance welding fume extractor ideal for light and infrequent welding; our best seller for the extraction of welding fumes for body shops
  2. SMOBIMAX: despite being a mobile solution, this unit is suitable for heavier and medium-duration welding. SMOBIMAX is available with one arm and two arms
  3. SMOBIJET with cartridge filters and semi-automatic cleaning system. SMOBIJET is available with d. 150 or d. 200 arm

moveable systems

The WORKY range of welding fume extractors can be completed with accessories to best meet individual needs.

Why choose a WORKY welding fume extractor

WORKY will assist you in designing the most suitable solution for your work area in which to integrate WORKY welding fume extractors.

WORKY welding fume extractors are versatile and, thanks to the wide range of solutions, our team can design the configuration that best suits your needs today, offering you the solution that can, with flexibility, also serve your possible needs of tomorrow.

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