Welding fume extraction systems: the practicality of complete kits

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welding fume exhaust systems

Lino Di Betta
Author Lino Di Betta
Complete kits are the most practical welding fume extraction systems for workstations with a set range of action. They have everything required: arm, fan and filter. Let’s take a closer look at WORKY models.

Out of all our welding fume extraction systems, our customers appreciate the complete kits the most. This is due to their completeness, which translates into practicality; the perfect combination of efficiency and simplicity.

SPARK line kits are wall-mounted kits, complete with all parts:

  • wall-mounted electric fan and filter
  • articulated arm.


SPARK kits: extraction power and filtering efficiency

In the complete kits, extraction power is provided by the wall-mounted electric fan, while a series of filters allows the air to be filtered so that it may be returned deodorised into the work environment.

In detail, the air passes through the self-supporting arm with external pantograph structure, return springs and adjustable clutches, and is then filtered thanks to the sturdy steel sheet SFTC filtering unit, which has filtration efficiency up to 95%. The extraction arms belong to the SB series, specific for the extraction of welding fumes from the work area: they are self-supporting and have at least 3 joints, in order to assume any configuration and reach even the most difficult points.

Thanks to active carbon, the air is also deodorised before being re-introduced into the environment (wherever possible).

The importance of filters

The 95% filtration efficiency is guaranteed by the SFTC filter module, made up of:

  • 1 metallic fabric pre-filtering stage (spark-extinguisher)
  • 1 synthetic filter, which blocks coarser particles
  • 1 high efficiency filter cell
  • 1 active carbon stage.


The ejection pipeline for extracted fumes

Fume extraction systems in workplaces where welding operations are carried out are necessary and mandatory, as established by your country’s standards and laws that regulate workplace safety.

Although welding fume extraction is mandatory, ejecting filtered fumes may not always be mandatory:

  • if it is possible to return the filtered fumes to the work environment, the SPARK kits are sufficient
  • if it is not possible, then the fumes must be ducted via proper ejection pipeline connected to the kit.

In all cases, WORKY will provide the simplest and most efficient solution.


When and where do SPARK kits offer maximum performance?

SPARK kits are the most functional and versatile solution, and are particularly suitable in all situations where welding is carried out in a defined area within the arm's reach (the arm can be up to 5 m length, depending on the kit chosen).

In this case, in fact, investing in a wall-mounted system allows technicians greater freedom of movement within the work area.


SPARK and SPARK 10: how do they differ?

The complete kit range includes two models: SPARK and SPARK 10. Their parts and extraction power are the same. The difference lies in the amount of active carbon contained: in SPARK there are 5 kg, in SPARK10, 10 kg.





SPARK kits represent only a part of our welding fume extraction systems: to learn more about all our solutions and find the most suitable system for your work environment, contact our sales office without obligation.


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