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Lino Di Betta
Author Lino Di Betta
Thanks to the partnership with our local distributor, WORKY has created a project aimed at renovating a Volvo Truck workshop located in Settimo Torinese, Italy, an important part of the widespread diffusion strategy of the famous brand.

Located in a rapidly expanding logistics and industrial area, the Volvo Truck Center in Settimo Torinese – ITALY - has a 4,000 m2 covered area and 12,000 m2 outdoors area and is both a dealership and workshop.

The Volvo Truck Center sales managers expressed their main requirement: to give customers in this area an important reference point, offering fast, high quality service. Starting precisely from this goal, Volvo is aiming to improve the range of services offered over time, which also involves the WORKY experience to improve Truck Center operations.

Ensuring a safe working environment protected against harmful gases, while choosing practical and compact solutions, is the first step to be taken to improve the quality of work and increase the operators’ work pace. To help the Volvo team achieve this, we worked with our partner and the end customer to custom design a system for truck- and special vehicle- exhaust extraction, keeping in mind the very precise needs of the workshop managers.

WORKY products chosen for the project

The centralised exhaust extraction system included the installation of 3 stationary reels, one of WORKY most consolidated products, to service all the work areas. The reels were equipped with WORKY GRTN series nozzles for trucks, which guarantee compatibility with all Volvo vehicles.

The exhaust extraction nozzle range chosen to improve workshop efficiency provides mechanics with the utmost ergonomics and speed of exhaust extraction use, with great benefits to workshop air quality and for general practicality in the relative environments.

WORKY products were installed by our area distributor thanks to their extensive experience in this sector.

WORKY operates on the global market thanks to its network of highly qualified dealers. 

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