Vehicle exhaust extraction equipment: models for various needs

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Exhaust fume extraction for cars and other vehicles is a necessity for all workshops and different requirements may arise depending on the vehicle, which need to be addressed with specific solutions. Let’s take a closer look at the vehicle exhaust extraction equipment.


The vehicle exhaust extraction equipment in a workshop or an overhaul centre serves to prevent exhaust gases from remaining inside the work environment and damaging the operator's health.

There are various vehicle exhaust extraction equipment layouts, in which

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Common elements of WORKY exhaust extraction equipment

A common vehicle exhaust extraction equipment proposal is represented by sliding elements on track, i.e. trolleys or reels complete with hoses or touchless arms

As the industry is well aware, different car models have different muffler designs, each with specific dimensions, for which appropriate parts must be adopted.

The most popular solution so far is the use of appropriately sized nozzles, specifically designed to fit different car model exhaust pipes. In order to choose the right model, it is necessary to assess the size and position of the muffler, which is increasingly found embedded in the bodywork or hidden by the bumper.


An innovative alternative to nozzles is the use of the Touchless GTL exhaust arms. It is a highly efficient WORKY solution, increasingly appreciated by markets around the world. The WORKY GTL arm has a self-supporting structure that allows it to remain suspended at the muffler, without coming into contact with the vehicles exhaust pipe. In addition to its flexibility of application, this features makes it a highly efficient and versatile exhaust extraction equipment, which is a fundamental features for assistance centres and workshops that who have to deal with different vehicle models every day.

vehicle exhaust extraction systems touchless


Vehicle exhaust extraction equipment for specific cases

From common needs, we now move on to the more specific requirements that may arise in relation to vehicle exhaust extraction equipment

We can ideally group needs in three essential points:

  1. Minimise space occupied with frequent application needs: for large sized workshops used to fast work paces, efficiency and rapidity are the most demanding needs. In these cases, WORKY recommends installing overhead exhaust extraction equipment, which allow several workstations to be covered without cluttering the floor space.
  2. Minimise space requirements for less frequent applications: in workshops where vehicle exhaust extraction is less frequently required, it is possible to make use of the underfloor vehicle exhaust extraction; this is a an underground - and therefore concealed - system, which requires positioning at a very late stage of the works, i.e. before the floor is completed.
  3. Need for applications at several different points with little frequency: an ideal solution for such cases is represented by mobile extraction equipment, ideal for small workshops that require flexible instruments at a convenient price. Space-saving and equipped with wheels, this extraction equipment can be moved wherever exhaust fume extraction is required.


In addition to these cases, there are of course dozens of specific situations with unique and peculiar needs. To find out which solutions are best for your particular needs, contact WORKY without obligation and discuss possible solutions with our team.


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