Truck exhaust fume extraction system: what makes it different from a system designed for vehicles

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Heavy vehicles such as trucks and vans produce a larger volume of exhaust gas than ordinary cars. An exhaust system capable of intercepting and conveying this volume of exhaust gas to the outside must be correctly dimensioned and organised in each of its components.


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The distinctive features of a truck exhaust fume extraction system

  • appropriate pipe dimensioning - the WORKY GT 2 pipe is resistant up to 200° C, completely crush-proof and is available in various diameters. The versions for high temperatures also include pipes resistant up to 1000° C in the WORKY pipe range
  • the reel that winds the hose must be functional and resistant over time. The WORKY range of reels includes various models with cylinders of different lengths and diameters and which allow the hose to be fully rewound
  • the nozzle must equally be functional and resistant. The manual shutter - found in the various WORKY rubber nozzle models - allows extraction power to be adjusted. Being able to manage simultaneous use, extraction power can be adjusted without over-dimensioning the need for extraction (with important savings from the point of view of the initial investment but also, and above all, in energy during the entire use of the system) 


WORKY solutions recommended for trucks

Overhead vehicle exhaust systems with GT2 series hoses and GRTN-MG series nozzles

truck exhaust fumes systems


One of the solutions appreciated by our Heavy Duty customers is an overhead vehicle exhaust system. Thanks to this type of system, the trolley or the hose reel can be moved from one workstation to another without hindering the work of the other technicians in the workshop.


Every truck exhaust fume extraction system - like the one for motor vehicles - is completed with flexible hoses and suitable nozzles.

truck exhaust fumes  nozzles


GROLLY-T line mobile systems

truck exhaust fumes grolly

Another equally practical and effective solution for truck exhaust fume extraction is a mobile system.


It is the ideal solution for extracting exhaust gases less frequently, and combines compactness and versatility. Furthermore, since it is not subject to a fixed installation, it is not subject to the classic obligations to which extraction systems are subject, such as the declaration of emissions into the atmosphere or the installation of a roof chimney.

truck exhaust fumes grolly small


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An example: the truck exhaust fume extraction systems designed for Volvo Trucks

With the aim of constantly improving the range of services offered and improving its Truck Center operations, Volvo turned to WORKY to renovate its workshop in Settimo Torinese.

truck exhaust fumes volvo


Together with our partner and the final customer, we have devised a custom project for special vehicle and truck exhaust fume extraction taking into account the very precise needs of the workshop managers and choosing solutions that guarantee quick and convenient use by mechanics.



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