They called it the anti-Ferrari: the Bizzarrini Iso Grifo A3C

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Lino Di Betta
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A car that immediately makes the heart of motor enthusiasts beat faster.

They called it the anti-Ferrari: we are talking about the Bizzarrini Iso Grifo A3C, a car that immediately makes the heart of motor enthusiasts beat faster. The car, even if not known and famous as Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati, is no less in terms of charm and performance that make it a true masterpiece of mechanics. The car was born in 1964, designed by the engineer and designer from Leghorn Giotto Bizzarrini, shortly before he left the Prancing Horse company due to disagreements with Enzo Ferrari. Bizzarrini was unable to escape the challenge, in a certain sense especially with himself, and in that same year he decided to found the company Prototipi Bizzarrini to independently produce the beautiful Iso Grifo with the aim of challenging the Ferrari 250 GTO, mastering at the time the European circuits. Powered by a mighty 5400 cc American V8, capable of delivering 420 HP and equipped with a completely handmade aluminium car body, the car had nothing to envy to its fiercest rivals. Only a genius like Bizzarini, making the most of his experience first at Alfa Romeo then at Lamborghini and later at Ferrari, could design such a masterpiece.

Unfortunately, the relations between Bizzarrini and the managers of Iso Rivolta, the car company for which he was working at the time, were destined to deteriorate and precisely because of the Iso Grifo A3. The powerful sports coupe, intended for major competitions on international circuits, was not at the top of the Genoese company’s policy plans and was destined to disappear.

This month we would like to talk about Iso Grifo A3C together with GRNG-160100 WORKY nozzle for exhaust gas extraction systems, nozzle which is suitable also for mufflers of classic cars. This nozzle is equipped with a rubber cone with opening Ø 160 mm. The rubber cone, equipped with a probe inlet for C.O. test, is completed by a fixing gripper with terminals which are rubberized to avoid possibility of mufflers being scratched. The nozzle is supplied as standard with a Ø 100 mm reinforced plastic cowling resistant up to 200 ° C, equipped with a butterfly damper and a protection grid to prevent extracting possible foreign bodies inside the whole system.

The GRNG-160100 nozzle is for Ø 100 mm flexible hose. The nozzles GRNG-16075 and GRNG-160125 are provided with painted metal reduction, respectively for Ø 75 mm and Ø 125 mm flexible hose. All GRNG-16075, GRNG-160100 and GRNG-160125 models can be completed with accessories, which can also be ordered separately, i.e. the 30 ° rubber bend and  the rubber handle (handle, which once folded, acts as protection to the bumper in case of contact with the gripper metal parts).

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