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In the United States there is a motorcycle that is as famous as the American apple pie. This motorcycle is a true icon that has always represented the indomitable spirit of the American Indians, their freedom, and their pride. We are talking about the motorcycles of Indian, the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the USA. In the mind of its manufacturer, the motorcycle was in fact a bit like the horse of the natives, but a horse made of steel.  

Models such as the Scout or the Chief have entered legend, recalling with their names the tradition of the natives, and transporting us back in time, to the era of Kerouac and Route 66.

The history of the brand is yet another typical stars and stripes story of a brave and visionary man obsessed with his idea. This man was Oscar Hedstrom, an engineer who defied the odds, starting with his ability to build bicycles.

His first project was to equip a cycle with an engine. Hedstrom then built a frame on which he installed a single-cylinder engine, starting to test his vehicles on the streets of Middletown, Connecticut. The Indian was born in 1898 and, in 1901, Hedstrom filed the design of his first motorcycle with drum brakes and chain drive. In 1904, production grew to 500 motorcycles and by 1913, it would become 32,000. The Chief became the first internationally renowned V-powered motorbike, and the Scout repeated the success.

The factory moved permanently to Springfield but shortly after Hedstrom left the helm because he did not share the shareholders' policies. The Indian, with mixed success, has crossed a hundred years and is still on the market.

In 1967 across the Bonneville Salt Flats, Burt Munro set the class record with his modified Indian Scout at a speed of 295.5 km / h.

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