The benefits of body shop dust extraction

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Lino Di Betta
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Body shop dust extraction is not an option but a must on various levels: health, legal and administrative.

Installing a body shop dust extraction system means ensuring benefits on three levels:

  • Health – fine dust, in the long run, can be harmful to health.
  • Legal-administrative – there are standards that require certain types of companies to install dust extraction systems.
  • Organisational – a dust-free working environment impacts productivity, improving product or service quality.

We'll further discuss these aspects and, lastly, propose WORKY solutions for body shop dust extraction.

Three reasons to install a body shop dust extraction system

Workers' health

As said, the first reason why every body shop should install a dust extraction system is for health: sanding dust, meaning processing scraps, is fine dust that can be inhaled or ingested causing health problems.

Italian Legislative Decree 81/08

This is why laws were passed on this topic; Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 (Workplace health and safety protection consolidation act) specifically requires employers to ensure that workstations meet certain requirements: in work that produces any type of fumes, preventing or reducing fumes and dispersion is mandatory; gas, fume or dust extraction must be as close as possible to the place they are produced; the system must prevent dust from re-entering the workplace.

Where possible, dust must be reduced at the origin and those who do not comply with this regulation may be subject to heavy fines.

Body shop productivity and work quality

Not only is dust harmful to health but, if it comes into contact with the eyes or face, can distract workers and force them to work less accurately, precisely or efficiently. Workstation, invaded by layers of fine dust, become less practical: dirt and untidiness negatively affect body shop productivity and final paint quality.

WORKY body shop dust extraction systems

To help body shops to meet regulations and improve work conditions, in addition to productivity, WORKY has created various dust extraction solutions:

  • Permanent systems. Ideal for medium to large-sized body shops, permanent systems require permanent installation; they are custom designed and constructed for your service centre.

View permanent systems

  • Mobile systems. Preferable for body shops with various workstations close together that only occasionally require dust extraction. These are stand-alone systems on wheels, with high extraction power and practicality.

View mobile systems

  • Hybrid systems. Our kits, complete with all the components (extraction arms, turbines, units), combine the reliability of a swivel arm and suspended unit, permanently installed, with the convenience of a mobile extraction unit.

View kits


Do you want to learn more about how we design various body shop dust extraction solutions? Fill in the form below: we'll provide your with more information!

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