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Lino Di Betta
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Why should you purchase a solder fume extractor? Because the fumes created by this operation are harmful to health, and must be removed before they reach the operator's eyes, nose, and mouth. Let's briefly see how a WORKY solder fume extractor works and in which situations it is most required.

Tin is an easily malleable metal, difficult to oxidize and resistant to corrosion. When heated to a temperature of 231,9°C, it melts quite easily: this is why it is widely used in the soldering of electronic boards and wire connections.

Tin soldering of electronic components

Given the qualities of the material, the soldering of tin is very common in the processing of electronic components (in laboratories and assembly lines), and in the electrotechnical industry for electrical joints, contacts and small solderable connections.

The problem arises when analysing the gaseous emissions generated by the soldering process. In fact, the alloy used contains lead, which, if vaporized, is toxic.

This is why it is always necessary (every country in the world has its own reference standards) to have a solder fume extractor. This system is capable of localized extraction, which breaks down soldering fumes at the source. For this type of application, we recommend WORKY portable systems.

WORKY portable or wheeled units for solder fumes

For soldering fumes, we offer you: SMOBIPLUS and STOR-C.

WORKY portable and wheeled filter units are all about:

  • completeness and efficiency, since they are equipped with all the necessary features;

  • compactness, thanks to small dimensions and clean lines;

  • manoeuvrability, which allows for quick movement from one location to another;

  • excellent quality-price ratio.


A solder fume extractor made up of:

  • a 1.5 HP motor 

  • a 4-filter battery (the last one with active charcoal, to deodorize the air before reintroducing it into the environment)

  • a 3 m arm.

SMOBIPLIUS is available in various versions to adapt to the various suction needs and meet the electrical standards of the various markets, both in Italy and abroad.


A portable solder fume extractor made up of:

  • A 0,88 Kw to 230V single-phase motor

  • an extraction filtering up to 99% of the aspirated fumes

  • 2 kg of active charcoal

  • 2 m hose with a 50 mm diameter

Where can our solder fume extractors be used?

In addition to the electronic and electrical engineering sectors, the WORKY solder fume extractor is ideal in the following environments, where soldering is carried out:

  • precision machine shops

  • assembly lines 

  • laboratories

  • technical training centres

Do you want to learn more about our solder fume extractor systems? 
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