RO & Co Academy: have you heard about WORKY training courses?

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Lino Di Betta
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WORKY is not only your trusted extraction system supplier for your service centre: it's also your expert partner interested in your training and in-formation. Here's all the RO&Co Academy courses you can take this year!

For WORKY, customer service is not just sales service. We extend this service during the entire relationship with our customers: in addition to the product, we provide essential tools to make your business in our competitive and visionary product range able to gain and maintain your market share.

With this goal in mind, we have founded the RO & Co Academy, a talent academy that organises training and educational courses for our customers but also for user and WORKY team members. No boring speeches or lectures: our courses offer continuous exchanges between instructors and other participants.

The program is vast and rich: let's take a look.

The RO & CO Academy training program

As mentioned, courses are dedicated to our partners and their customers and professionals who work with and for us.

We hold:

  • After-sales training courses for our customers' technicians and installers. Together, we will discuss every detail concerning system installation and components.
  • Technical-sales training courses for our customer's sales force. We shall provide sales agents with the knowledge and skills required to improve their performance with tips on the most effective and persuasive way to introduce the product on the market.
  • Open-house events for our dealers' customers. Are you a dealer and would you like to introduce your or your potential customers to WORKY? Open-house events are the right choice: with a tour of our offices, laboratories and production areas, customers are fully emerged in WORKY, immediately perceiving our values and determination.
  • Periodic training seminars for the WORKY team. Team members are constantly updated on the technical aspects of our range (new product features and specifications, new sales initiatives) and on personal skills focusing on Problem Solving, the Customer Experience and market strategies.
  • Lastly, we hold language courses for our personnel to learn, refresh or improve their foreign language skills, essential for a dynamic and global market.


Are you interested in one of these training events? Simply contact us: we'll let you know the course dates and registration dates as soon as possible.

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