Portable fume extractor: the importance of the right filters

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Lino Di Betta
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A portable fume extractor is best for companies where welding is sporadic and less intense. According to requirements, you can choose fume extractors with different power capabilities and filter surfaces. Let’s take a closer look at the WORKY models specifically designed for fume extraction.

A portable fume extractor is a trolley, i.e. mounted on wheels: the WORKY trolley units are designed to make it easier and faster to move the extractor unit from one work area to another. The fumes generated by the welding process are sucked through the articulated arm positioned on the trolley and reach the filters.

Trolleys are an ideal solution in cases where filtered fumes can be re-emitted into the environment.

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Let's take a closer look at some WORKY welding fume extraction unit features.



  • 3 m Ø 150 articulated arm
  • set of 4 different filters
  1. metallic pre-filter
  2. synthetic pre-filter
  3. high efficiency filter cell
  4. filter with 5 kg active carbon, to deodorise fumes.



  • 1.5 hp fan (ask our sales office for the SMOBIPLUS version with motor suitable to your market's electricity standard) maximum air flow 1500m3/h
  • 95% filtration efficiency
  • filtered and deodorised air can be re-emitted into the environment or, thanks to the use of the SMOBIPLUS-K accessory kit, filtered fumes can be conveyed outside through the pipe supplied with the kit
  • The SMOBIPLUS-10 version is equipped with a metallic pre-filter, synthetic pre-filter and 10 kg of active carbon.




  • 3 m articulated arm, single (SMOBIMAX-1B) or double (SMOBIMAX-2B)
  • 4-Filter set, one with active carbon
  • 3 hp fan
  • 1400 m3/h maximum air flow (SMOBIMAX-1B) or 2400m3/h (SMOBIMAX-2B)

Ask our sales office for the right SMOBIMAX version with electric motor for your market's electrical standards.


To find out more about our portable welding fume extractors, download our catalogue or contact us directly.


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