Oil dispensing systems: computerised is better

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principale - Sistemi di erogazione olio computerizzati è meglio
Lino Di Betta
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What are the best oil distribution systems for your workshop? We'll explain them in this article where we'll discuss dispensing systems and their upgrade to computerised systems.

Centralised dispensing systems in modern and organised workshops are key to increasing productivity and profitability.

In fact, they offer many benefits:

  • All fluids are directly dispensed in the work space, often thanks to multi-function stations that dispense oil with various types of viscosity, compressed air, water, electricity, etc.
  • They reduce dispensing time because the mechanic can change oil without leaving the work space;
  • They allow you to purchase larger quantities of lubricants, reducing the purchase cost (you can buy 208 litre barrels instead of 4-5 litre cans);
  • They can be integrated with monitoring systems.

When discussing workshop oil dispensing systems, the most modern and efficient one is represented by multi-function workstations.


The efficiency of multi-function columns

WORKY oil dispensing systems combine various functions in a centralised system:

  • Lubricants
  • Compressed air
  • Water
  • Grease
  • Antifreeze
  • Technical fluids
  • In some cases, they also include electrical sockets.

What's more, multi-function systems are ideal because they can simultaneously service several workstations: their ideal location is between two workstations.


A multi-function column for every type of workshop

We have designed 3 multi-function oil dispensing systems suited to different types of workshops:

  • RANGER This is the most compact solution, designed for car and motorcycle workshops. It houses 3 reels for hoses up to 10 m long, 2 air or electric reels, 2 industrial sockets, 2 electrical sockets, 1 compressed air fitting.

  • FRMF This is an essential structure, convenient yet functional thanks to the ability to house up to 6 10 or 15 metre reels and a helpful drip-tray tank. An encased version, FRMF-C, also exists.

  • MULTIPLO This is the best fluid dispensing system for industrial vehicle workstations: it can house up to 8 15-metre fluid dispensing reels and 2 electrical cord reels. The plus consists in the ability to connect a gas extraction hose and the availability of a workbench under the drip tray tank. It is also equipped with a container column that can house the grease barrel or used oil extraction pump.

Oil dispensing systems with integrated monitoring

One of the risks associated with using oil dispensing systems is lost profits due to incorrect invoices along with the problem of waste: both can be monitored and resolved by installing a fluid dispensing monitoring system.

For this reason, we have developed QAM, the advanced monitoring system. Thanks to solenoid valves with contacts connected to a computer, the exact amount of oil dispensed can be calculated, limiting waste.

Here's how it works:

  • The operator logs into the multi-function column with a personal PIN or badge;
  • After logging in, the job order, quantity and type of oil to be dispensed is entered
  • The nozzle only dispenses the quantity indicated in the set order or saves data on the dispensed quantity if the order is not entered.

This way, your workshop will be able to track the entire fluid flow, from purchase to sale.


Do you want to learn more about our oil dispensing systems or request a free estimate for your workshop? Visit the specific section or contact us without any obligation.


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