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Lino Di Betta
Author Lino Di Betta

One more success for WORKY: this time we are in Australia, at a very prestigious Porsche workshop.

The workshop is growing: Porsche decided to work on a new expansion project for their dealer, the aim was to broaden the original structure and refurbish it with more innovative, efficient and above all, safer equipment.

Among the new equipment that the German brand cares to install, stands our new exhaust extraction system: prior to the installation the workshop did not have this type of facility or equipment. Porsche Health and Safety policy as well as its Corporate Identity, are focused on ensuring maximum safety and efficiency, this led to the prestigious brand to ask WORKY for a tailor made solution for their Australian garage.

WORKY analyses the customer’s specific necessities directly on the field: the workshop has rather low ceilings, a feature that required a careful study of the overall dimensions of the system. WORKY found a convenient and effective solution: a GAT1 track with sliding GSR hose reels. This system leaves plenty of room for movement even when it is not being used. The track prevents us from having obstacles along the walkable areas, as the hose reels which are hanging on the track, can be rolled back up when not in use.

Once the system was finalized, WORKY proceeds with the selection of the nozzles: thanks to the several options, WORKY was able to provide the customer with a wide range of products which were able to cover all exhaust pipes of Porsche models.

After the installation, the Porsche dealer is equipped with a efficient, high-performing exhaust extraction system, with guaranteed safety for workers enhancing the productivity of the workshop .

Work with us, trust in people able to create a new world around you.

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